Good communication in a crisis doesn’t happen by accident

27869186_MEffective business management depends on clear, confident and competent communication. That’s especially important during times of crisis.

Here are three important ways that decision-makers can improve communication during a crisis:

Plan, plan and plan some more. Rather than managing communications during a crisis by the seat of your pants, come up with a plan that outlines each person’s responsibilities. Designate company or department spokesmen and women. Make sure each person understands their individual responsibilities.

Connect with employees. Don’t make workers feel like they are the last to know what’s going on. Also, consider increasing the frequency of communications during rough times, and encourage senior managers to speak directly to employees.

Consult an expert. If your company or managers are overwhelmed with a business crisis or don’t have the necessary knowledge in crisis communication, consider retaining consultants experienced in effectively responding to and quickly recovering from business crises.